Saturday, October 3, 2009

Grand Opening of San Antonio River Walk Flower Store

San Antonio has a new flower company competing for business - San Antonio River Walk Flower Store

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The 2008 online holiday shopping season increased from last year by 32%. This was contributed mainly by female shoppers (62% versus 38% of men) and more individuals using shopping search engines. The total amount for online sales was $30 billion dollars compared to $13.7 billion dollars spent in 2002.

Many different factors are taken into consideration when purchasing online. Some of the top reasons cited are that people prefer to purchase online are to save time, shopping can be done any time of day because the Internet "does not close", ordering can be done from the comfort of your own home or work, and you can avoid the hustle and bustle of the holiday crowds.

Generally speaking, the pricing online is better than in the retail stores. When shopping in stores, you are required to search the entire store for certain items or you need to stop and ask a clerk for help. When you purchase something online, you simply type in the name of the product and "voila", you have many different options and prices to choose from. You are also able to find products that are not available in your local stores.

In fact, Flowers are the third most profitable seller online. Fresh Grower and cut flower sales are expected to grow by $9 billion and 10% of these sales are projected to be generated online. Did you know that 31% of people are purchasing flowers for themselves and 69% of the flowers are purchased for gifts?

Purchasing flowers online is much more enjoyable shopping experience for the customer. You are able to view many different selections and read their descriptions. When you order over the phone, the top florist has to try their best to explain what the flowers look like.

When selling flowers online, we, San Antonio River Walk Flower Store, have the ability to reach millions of potential customers worldwide.

In 2003 the top categories for Internet sales were computer hardware, electronics and entertainment. However, the categories that have grown the most in the past year are gifts and flowers, food and wine, and clothing apparel.

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